Meal inspiration: Try this nutritious salmon dinner

Nutritious foods combine to make a simple, yet flavorful, fish dinner. Bonus – it comes together in no time!


Head lice: myths, facts and treatment

When you get that dreaded call from school, here’s what to do to handle head lice.

Aging Well | Eye | Prevention

What to know about glaucoma

Glaucoma is a common cause for loss of vision. Know the risk factors and get your eyes checked.

ENT exam
Children | Ear, Nose & Throat

Learn the ABCs of adenoids

The adenoids typically don’t cause problems for adults but can prompt breathing issues and infections for kids.

family-activity-winter January 20, 2017

5 indoor activities to stay active as a family this winter

It can be harder to stay active in the winter. Here's how to keep the family moving on cold, dreary days.

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popcorn January 19, 2017

Popcorn: more than just a movie-theater treat

Believe it or not, that light, fluffy and fun-to-eat treat we call popcorn can be a healthy addition to your day!

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January 17, 2017

5 ways to ease the stress of a medical appointment

Being prepared and rehearsing are just two ways you can help de-stress your child before…

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winter-squash January 13, 2017

Get the scoop: A guide to winter squash

Winter squash is nutritious and delicious. Explore the varieties and how to prepare them.

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running-shoes January 11, 2017

Ready to run? Start with good running shoes

3 seasoned runners sound off on what gear you really need.

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Aging Well Fitness

family-fitness January 10, 2017

Commit to be fit: family fitness for a new year

Being active together is a good way to achieve family fitness while carving out quality time.

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January 9, 2017

Teeth grinding can be more than just a pain in the jaw

Find out the causes, how to stop and get relief from the pain.

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Oral Care

toddler-winter-activities January 9, 2017

7 winter activities for toddlers

It's too cold to go out. Here are ideas for activities for toddlers that also help create quality time together.

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fitness January 5, 2017

New year, new you: Preparing for a fitness journey

These six smart steps will help forge a successful path to living a healthier life this new year.

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