How to stay healthy through the holidays
Cold & Flu | Prevention

Expert Q&A: Staying healthy during the holidays

We want to share time and gifts — not germs. Here are some practical tips for staying healthy during holiday gatherings.

Infants & Toddlers

Parents share lessons learned in the NICU

After 4 months in the hospital with his newborn daughter, a father shares strategies for families coping with long inpatient stays.

Weight Management

10 tips for avoiding holiday weight gain

Moderation and balance are your mantras.

Children | Infants & Toddlers | Safety

Winter coats are dangerous in car seats

Bulky coats give the false impression your child is snugly strapped in his car seat.

easy pinwheel recipe December 15, 2017

Recipe: Tortilla cream cheese pinwheels with spinach and red pepper

Make multiple servings of this pinwheels recipe and build a Christmas tree for a festive holiday appetizer.

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exercise and arthritis December 14, 2017

Exercise and arthritis: Keep moving to keep joints happier

Exercise and arthritis are not mutually exclusive. In fact, regular moderate exercise can help ease arthritis pain.

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Aging Well Fitness

no bake pumpkin pie December 13, 2017

Recipe: No-bake pumpkin pie with vanilla pudding

No baking, no fuss with this pumpkin spice treat.

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College student holidays December 12, 2017

Home for the holidays: welcoming back the college freshman

That child who went off to college is returning more mature, making her own decisions and schedule. Here's how to navigate winter break,

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why is salt bad for you December 12, 2017

Why is too much salt bad for you?

Why eating too much salt is a problem, and how to solve it.

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Heart & Vascular Nutrition

December 7, 2017

Tips for keeping a newborn healthy during the holidays

Germs are rampant and so are the kisses. Here's how to keep your newborn protected during holiday visiting.

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Cold & Flu Infants & Toddlers Prevention

pumpkin energy bites December 6, 2017

Recipe: No Bake Pumpkin Cranberry Energy Bites

Enjoy the flavors of the season with these healthier energy bite treats.

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preventing food poisoning December 5, 2017

How to avoid food poisoning this holiday season

The most common calls to the Tennessee Poison Center this time of year involve food poisoning concerns.

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Digestive Prevention

what does normal vaginal discharge look like December 4, 2017

What to know about vaginal discharge

A women's health expert explains common infections and how to keep your vagina healthy.

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Women's Health