weight loss plateau
Weight Management

Overcoming roadblocks on a weight-loss journey

Losing weight can be a challenge. Watch for a few bumps along the road.


5 inexpensive Tennessee staycation ideas for spring break

No need to spend big cash to have big fun in Tennessee.

Aging Well | Caregivers | Cold & Flu | Prevention

Seniors: Be especially careful with winter illnesses

Those germs can be especially threatening for seniors. Here’s how to decrease risk for winter illnesses.

Heart & Vascular | Prevention

10 heart questions you should ask your doctor

Make the most of your next doctor’s visit with this checklist of must-ask heart-health questions.

managing heart problems from cancer treatment February 21, 2017

The ABCDEs of caring for the heart during cancer treatment — and beyond

Cancer treatment can be hard on the heart. People dealing with cancer should talk through this checklist with their doctor.

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Cancer Heart & Vascular

February 21, 2017

The bone health guide — for men

Osteoporosis is not just a 'women’s disease.'

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Men's Health

Traveler’s diarrhea February 20, 2017

Tips for avoiding traveler’s diarrhea while roaming the world

Traveler's diarrhea is a common problem when visiting developing countries. Here's advice on avoiding it.

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Digestive Prevention

male-infertility February 17, 2017

Men: How not to put fertility at risk

Find out what causes male infertility and what lifestyle choices might play a role.

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Men's Health

adult children living at home February 16, 2017

How to navigate young adult children moving back home

Set expectations, limits before adult children move back to the nest.

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sick-day February 15, 2017

10 sick day sanity savers

We never think about how to occupy a sick child at home until it's too late. But don't worry, these activities will keep you busy all day.

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Children Cold & Flu

February 13, 2017

Norovirus spreads easily — here’s what you need to know

Just a few viral particles on food or surfaces can cause illness.

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Digestive Prevention

healthier-eating-for-family February 13, 2017

Tips to encourage healthier eating as a family

Small adjustments can add up in moving the family to healthier eating.

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Hiking February 10, 2017

Top fitness trends for 2017

These fitness trends can help you mix up your exercise routine for 2017.

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