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What you need to know about AEDs August 15, 2017

What to know about AEDs

Automated external defibrillators are easier to use than you might think -- and they save lives.

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Heart & Vascular Prevention

scad August 10, 2017

SCAD: What women should know about this cause of heart attacks

Spontaneous coronary artery dissection is an important cause of heart attack for young women to understand.

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Heart & Vascular Prevention Women's Health

how to pack a healthy school lunch August 9, 2017

How to pack a healthy lunch for school

Teaching good eating habits now with healthy school lunches sets the stage for healthy eating into adulthood.

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healthy zucchini fritters August 4, 2017

Recipe: Healthier Zucchini Fritters

Looking for uses for those zucchini from the garden?

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pump and dump August 1, 2017

Medications and breastfeeding: when you should ‘pump and dump’

Here's what to ask about breastfeeding and taking medications.

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Infants & Toddlers Women's Health

apple arugula July 31, 2017

Recipe: Apple Arugula Quesadilla

This quesadilla recipe adds some surprise sharpness, from apples and arugula, to the creamy melted cheese.

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The real dangers of hot cars in summer July 27, 2017

The real dangers of hot cars in summer

Young children and pets are especially susceptible to heat.

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Infants & Toddlers Prevention

ADHD in adults July 26, 2017

Symptoms of ADHD in adults: Learn to spot the signs

ADHD is commonly associated with children but affects about 5 percent of adults.

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Brain & Memory Mental Health

school AEDs and safety July 20, 2017

How school AEDs help keep children safer

More schools require these units to be prepared for sudden cardiac arrest, a threat to student athletes.

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