November 20, 2017

Remember this while shopping for holiday toys

Make sure to follow age recommendations for holiday toys and avoid these items while shopping for kids.

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Children Safety

What children can learn alongside differently abled peers November 9, 2017

What children can learn alongside differently abled peers

The story of one set of parents who took the time to foster acceptance and the difference it made.

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taking care of a baby November 8, 2017

23 years of grandparenting: what’s changed, what hasn’t

Grandmother of 13 -- with 3 great-grands! -- shares highlights of how baby-rearing has changed over the years.

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Pregnancy Safety

how to stay healthy during the holidays November 8, 2017

Expert Q&A: Staying healthy during the holidays

We want to share time and gifts -- not germs. Here are some practical tips for staying healthy during holiday gatherings.

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Cold & Flu Prevention

should I adopt November 1, 2017

Should I adopt? Two unspoken fears about adoption

A mother reflects on having enough money and love for adoption.

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3 things to instill in your children October 30, 2017

3 things to instill in your children

Life will be better if you reinforce these three thoughts with your child regularly.

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visit pediatrician October 25, 2017

Tips for a smooth visit to the pediatrician

With a little planning, parents can make visits to the doctor go more smoothly for their kids.

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caregiver legal documents October 25, 2017

4 legal documents every family caregiver needs

Having these documents in order will help make caregiving easier for the responsible family member.

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Aging Well Caregivers

when is a fever too high October 24, 2017

When is a fever too high?

It's a common question parents ask. Here's what to know about your child's fever.

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Children Cold & Flu