traveling with food allergies October 6, 2017

Travel tips for children with food allergies

This mom's tips will help take some of the worry out of navigating food allergies while traveling.

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whooping cough October 4, 2017

Expert Q&A: Whooping cough

Vaccination for everyone is important to protect those most vulnerable to whooping cough, particularly newborns.

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Children Prevention

October 3, 2017

Soothe your soul with a daytrip waterfall tour

Some of the most picturesque waterfalls in the South are a daytrip from Nashville.

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Fitness Mental Health

How to Talk to Children About Shootings October 2, 2017

How to talk to children about mass shootings

With news of mass shootings everywhere, shielding children may not be possible.

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how to get kids to eat healthy October 2, 2017

6 ways to encourage kids to eat healthy food

Mother of 3 shares her tips on getting kids to eat healthy.

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new mom advice September 28, 2017

My 3 favorite pieces of advice for new moms

So much advice will come your way during pregnancy and after birth. Read one new mom's favorite lessons.

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hair loss in children September 27, 2017

Tips for coping with hair loss in children

Children who've experienced it give advice on coping with losing your hair.

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teen refuses to drive September 25, 2017

When your teen doesn’t want to learn to drive

Today's teenagers are more likely to delay getting a driver license. How to end the procrastination.

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fall-family-fitness September 22, 2017

10 out-of-the-box ideas for fall family fitness

Stay active outdoors as a family this autumn season.

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