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chronic shoulder pain causes June 18, 2018

3 reasons for chronic shoulder pain

These painful shoulder problems bother many people. Here's how to get some relief.

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Bone & Joint Fitness

teaching kids about oral health June 18, 2018

Teaching your kids about dental health could prevent obesity

Here’s a guide to talking to your kids about their teeth.

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Oral Care

vaginal birth after cesarean section June 14, 2018

What to know about vaginal birth after cesarean section

A vaginal birth after c-section may be more likely than some women think.

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Pregnancy Women's Health

genetic testing in men June 12, 2018

Men: Learn when to consider genetic testing

Genetic testing could save your life or your child’s. We bust through the myths and provide the details.

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Cancer Men's Health

spica cast tips June 8, 2018

How to take care of a child in a spica cast

A cast from a child's chest to the knee or ankle is a challenge. Here's how to manage it.

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Bone & Joint Children Infants & Toddlers

perirectal abscess June 6, 2018

Perirectal abscess: Causes, symptoms and treatment

This common condition causes sharp pain that will require medical attention.

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prevent macular degeneration June 4, 2018

How changing your diet could prevent age-related macular degeneration

Discover why eating slow carbs could help you fend off vision loss and improve overall health.

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Eye Nutrition

cholangiocarcinoma symptoms May 31, 2018

The symptoms of cholangiocarcinoma

The signs of this rare bile-duct cancer typically go unnoticed at first. Here's what to know.

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itchy eye relief May 31, 2018

6 tips for itchy, watery eyes this summer

With trees budding and flowers blooming, spring has sprung in the Mid-South. And it can bring some folks to tears — but not because of the beauty.

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