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are sugar-free drinks unhealthy February 23, 2018

Why sugar-free candy and soda aren’t always the healthier choices

The alternatives can still cause damage. Read tips on how to prevent tooth erosion.

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Oral Care

February 21, 2018

Think it’s flu? Now you can ask Alexa

Flu season has hit particularly hard this year. Alexa can now help sort through symptoms.

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Cold & Flu

should I work during cancer treatment February 21, 2018

Should I work during cancer treatment?

The choice is not the same for everyone. We talk through the factors to help you decide.

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how to eat healthy February 19, 2018

10 ways to change eating habits

How to break bad food-related habits and form healthy ones.

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Diabetes Nutrition Weight Management

common cancers men February 15, 2018

4 common cancers every man should know about

These cancers may go unnoticed until it’s too late. Here’s how and why you need to pay attention to your body.

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Cancer Men's Health

strep-throat February 12, 2018

What to know about kids and strep throat

Find answers to common questions about strep throat, which commonly makes the rounds with school-aged children in fall and winter.

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Children Ear, Nose & Throat

dark-chocolate February 9, 2018

Is chocolate really good for the heart?

Don't get too excited. Dark chocolate contains more antioxidant-producing flavonoids than other forms, but moderation is still key.

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Heart & Vascular Nutrition

adult asthma treatment February 9, 2018

Expert Q&A: All about adult asthma

A lot of people who have asthma might not even realize it, and uncontrolled asthma can cause permanent damage.

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Allergies Ear, Nose & Throat

February 8, 2018

Women: What you need to know about heart disease

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, yet can be prevented with simple lifestyle changes.

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Heart & Vascular Women's Health