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ADHD in adults July 26, 2017

Symptoms of ADHD in adults: Learn to spot the signs

ADHD is commonly associated with children but affects about 5 percent of adults.

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childs concussion July 25, 2017

What I learned from my kid’s concussion

Mom shares lessons after daughter's fall during a donkey ride.

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new stroke treatment June 26, 2017

A new stroke treatment provides more hope for patients

Acting quickly at the first signs of stroke is crucial. Here's why.

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Mother comforting child December 5, 2016

What parents need to know about childhood seizure

A pediatric neurology expert gives guidance on childhood seizures, which can leave parents feeling helpless.

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concussions October 14, 2016

Helping students return to school after concussions

'Return to Learn' guidelines will give schools guidance on easing students back into the classroom after concussions.

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Children and Concussions April 4, 2016

Children and concussions: What to do if you suspect one

Learn the steps you should take in the days, weeks and month after a concussion.

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Dementia prevention and music March 22, 2016

Alzheimer’s patients can sing their way to better mood, memory

New research shows that music is beneficial in the early stages of dementia.

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loss of smell linked with alzheimer's disease February 29, 2016

Study: Smell and Alzheimer’s disease may be connected

Losing your sense of smell? It could be a warning sign for Alzheimer’s.

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Signs of Alzheimer’s December 22, 2015

Is it just old age? Watch for these 10 signs of Alzheimer’s

An expert shares normal age-related changes, and changes that could be a sign of something more.

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