managing heart problems from cancer treatment February 21, 2017

The ABCDEs of caring for the heart during cancer treatment — and beyond

Cancer treatment can be hard on the heart. People dealing with cancer should talk through this checklist with their doctor.

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Cancer Heart & Vascular

family lung cancer December 2, 2016

Catching the nation’s deadliest cancer; how lung screening can help

Lung screening improves odds for lung cancer survival. Learn who should be screened.

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Cancer Prevention

breast-cancer October 31, 2016

Living with breast cancer and hoping for a cure

As new treatments are approved every year, fewer women are dying from metastatic breast cancer every year and more are living with it.

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Cancer Women's Health

Ovarian cancer mother September 15, 2016

Know the facts about ovarian cancer

Listening to the body, being aware of individual risks are especially important when it comes to ovarian cancer.

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Cancer Prevention Women's Health

September 8, 2016

Patient offers tips for kids newly diagnosed with cancer

Getting a cancer diagnosis is hard. Here are some ways for kids to cope from someone who has been there.

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Cancer Children

August 19, 2016

When dealing with cancer, lean on someone to help record medical information

If you have cancer, it can be helpful to appoint a family scribe, someone to go to doctor visits with you to take notes if your mind is reeling.

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Cancer Caregivers

July 18, 2016

Survival story: Fighting melanoma and leukemia with clinical trials

Kimberly Jessop had stage IV melanoma, then leukemia. She choose fierce positivity — and experimental drugs.

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Breakthroughs Cancer

July 12, 2016

Choosing the right course for prostate cancer care

It can be tough to decide whether to get a PSA test, and what to do with the results. Here's how two men handled it.

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Breakthroughs Cancer Men's Health

should I work during cancer treatment June 10, 2016

Should I work during cancer treatment?

The choice is not the same for everyone. We talk through the factors to help you decide.

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