heart attack in women
Heart & Vascular | Prevention | Women's Health

What a woman heart attack survivor wants us to teach our daughters

It’s crucial to listen to your body and understand how women’s symptoms can be different than men’s.

Overhead view of a woman holding a mug of black coffee on her lap

Rethink your drink: Are extra calories hiding in everything you sip?

You may be taking in more calories than you realize from everything you sip. Here’s what to look for.

Men's Health

Low testosterone in men: your questions answered

Feeling blah? Low T could be the culprit, but replacement therapy isn’t always necessary.

Fitness | Mental Health

Soothe your soul with a daytrip waterfall tour

Some of the most picturesque waterfalls in the South are a daytrip from Nashville.

oven roasted broccoli with garlic June 7, 2018

Recipe: Simple, oven-roasted broccoli with garlic

If you've never really loved broccoli, you need to try roasting a batch.

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perirectal abscess June 6, 2018

Perirectal abscess: Causes, symptoms and treatment

This common condition causes sharp pain that will require medical attention.

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visit pediatrician June 4, 2018

Tips for a smooth visit to the pediatrician

With a little planning, parents can make visits to the doctor go more smoothly for their kids.

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prevent macular degeneration June 4, 2018

How changing your diet could prevent age-related macular degeneration

Discover why eating slow carbs could help you fend off vision loss and improve overall health.

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Eye Nutrition

cholangiocarcinoma symptoms May 31, 2018

The symptoms of cholangiocarcinoma

The signs of this rare bile-duct cancer typically go unnoticed at first. Here's what to know.

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Beef, Broccoli and Brown Gravy With Rice May 31, 2018

Recipe: Beef, Broccoli and Brown Gravy With Rice

This quick, simple dinner is easy on the wallet and the heart.   This heart-healthy…

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itchy eye relief May 31, 2018

6 tips for itchy, watery eyes this summer

With trees budding and flowers blooming, spring has sprung in the Mid-South. And it can bring some folks to tears — but not because of the beauty.

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skin cancer May 30, 2018

Fact or fiction? Test your skin cancer knowledge

A Vanderbilt expert addresses common misconceptions around the sun and your skin.

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Cancer Prevention

Water safety tips for kids May 25, 2018

Water safety tips for parents on Memorial Day weekend

Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt safety expert offers tips for keeping children safe during holiday weekend fun.

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Children Safety