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taking care of a baby November 8, 2017

23 years of grandparenting: what’s changed, what hasn’t

Grandmother of 13 -- with 3 great-grands! -- shares highlights of how baby-rearing has changed over the years.

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Pregnancy Safety

Hyperemesis gravidarum September 19, 2017

Hyperemesis gravidarum: When morning sickness becomes extreme

Nausea is common in early pregnancy, but some women suffer from extreme morning sickness.

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Pregnancy Women's Health

miscarriage August 22, 2017

Understanding miscarriage

Answers to common questions about the difficult time of miscarriage.

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Pregnancy Women's Health

pregnancy June 19, 2017

Expecting multiples: 9 tips for a healthy pregnancy

Mom of twins gives advice for women expecting multiples.

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Infants & Toddlers Women's Health

preeclampsia May 22, 2017

A mother’s preeclampsia story

One mom tells her story of coming back from preeclampsia.

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Pregnancy Women's Health

benefits of using a midwife April 3, 2017

Why choose a midwife? Here are 5 reasons

Having more options for your birth setting is one reason to consider choosing a midwife. Here are four more.

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Pregnancy Women's Health

pregnancy November 3, 2016

Advances in genetic testing for pregnant women

New screening gives pregnant women a less-invasive route for prenatal genetic testing.

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Breakthroughs Pregnancy

Penie white and family October 7, 2016

Busting myths about midwives

The scope and breadth of midwives' medical care might still surprise some people.

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Tips for Transitioning from 2 to 3 Kids September 9, 2016

Tips for transitioning from 2 to 3 kids

Now there are 3 kids. Here are tips to make life more manageable once the parents are outnumbered.

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