Author: Christina Echegaray

how-to-swim June 17, 2019

The time is right to learn how to swim

Classes to teach your child how to swim are worth the time commitment even with your busy family schedule.

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Children Safety

childhood food allergies May 18, 2018

Learning to manage food allergies in children

A child's food allergies can be daunting. One parent's story of managing this challenge.

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Allergies Children

teal pumpkin food allergy October 6, 2017

How teal pumpkins help kids with food allergies enjoy Halloween

A mother shares her story of navigating trick-or-treating with teal pumpkins for her young Batman.

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Allergies Children

traveling with food allergies October 6, 2017

Travel tips for children with food allergies

This mom's tips will help take some of the worry out of navigating food allergies while traveling.

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Allergies Children

janelly martinez 2015 October 21, 2015

Born with a rare condition, little girl had to grow new bones

Her ribs vanished on X-rays. But a new drug regenerated her skeleton.   Janet Amador…

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Bone & Joint Breakthroughs Infants & Toddlers

magnetic rods for scoliosis treatment October 6, 2015

Treating scoliosis with magnetic rods

The technology means children endure fewer surgeries.   Physicians with Vanderbilt’s Division of Pediatric Orthopaedics…

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Bone & Joint Breakthroughs Children