Author: Tavia Smith

June 25, 2018

Know the hazards of fuels at backyard barbecues

Fuels that light the grill and tiki torches for your backyard barbecues can also pose safety risks.


December 21, 2016

Beware the danger of button batteries

Those button batteries are too tempting; keep them out of children's reach.

Children Infants & Toddlers Safety

May 11, 2016

Essential oils pose growing poisoning danger

With renewed popularity of essential oils, danger of poisonings -- especially among children -- also increases.


April 22, 2016

Pedestrian Safety: Warm weather marks ‘trauma season’ for pedestrian injuries

10 commandments for safe walking and driving can help prevent injury and even death.


January 29, 2016

Parents: Talk to your teens about ‘dewshine’

Tennessee Poison Center warns about the dangers of 'Dewshine' as first cases of illness, deaths reported to the state.

Safety Teens