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January 17, 2023

What to know about your child’s car seat

Here's the latest on child car seat safety from a Vanderbilt expert.

Children Infants & Toddlers Safety

December 30, 2022

When to take your child to the hospital for flu and cold symptoms

Pediatric experts give advice on when it's best to go to a walk-in clinic instead of the emergency room.

Children Cold & Flu Infants & Toddlers

December 23, 2022

Beware the danger of button batteries

Those button batteries are too tempting; keep them out of children's reach.

Children Infants & Toddlers Safety

December 5, 2022

Winter coats are dangerous in car seats

Bulky coats give the false impression your child is snugly strapped in his car seat.

Children Infants & Toddlers Safety

November 16, 2022

A mom’s plea: Pay attention to RSV

Within a few weeks of starting daycare, their son came home with RSV, which at…

Cold & Flu Ear, Nose & Throat Infants & Toddlers

November 1, 2022

RSV and other winter illnesses make early arrival

Pediatricians are seeing a surge in RSV cases. Here’s what to know about this seasonal…

Children Cold & Flu Infants & Toddlers Prevention

September 13, 2022

9 common car seat mistakes

Make sure that precious cargo is being transported safely with these nine tips for car seat use.

Children Infants & Toddlers Safety

August 20, 2022

Parechovirus: What parents should know

With a cluster of infants getting sick from the reemerging virus, here are some important…

Infants & Toddlers Prevention

August 5, 2022

How to support a family with a baby in the NICU

When a newborn is seriously ill, the family can use all the support it can get. Here a NICU nurse suggests ways to help.

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