August 10, 2022

Going back to school can literally be a headache

The transition from summer break to classes can trigger headaches. Here’s why and what to do.

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April 27, 2022

Antidepressants for teens and children: what you need to know

If your child is dealing with depression or anxiety, medication may be the right solution.

Children Mental Health Teens

April 20, 2022

How to talk to your teen about suicidal thoughts

Having conversations about your child’s mental health helps keep them safe. Over the course of…


March 16, 2022

When your child’s in pain and doesn’t want to go to school

Dreading school can manifest as physical symptoms.

Caregivers Children Mental Health Teens

March 4, 2022

When children feel anxiety about news of war

Be aware that children are seeing news on social media, including TikTok.

Caregivers Children Mental Health Teens

February 7, 2022

What to know to protect youth athletes

Evidence-based safety practices can greatly reduce risk of injury and death.

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December 11, 2021

Stocking stuffers for food lovers

Try these tasty treats and kitchen gadgets for stocking stuffers that everyone will enjoy.

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November 1, 2021

Help your teen develop healthy relationships

How to start, and continue, conversations with your teen about their social life.

Prevention Teens

October 22, 2021

The toll of reckless driving, a personal story

With 24 surgeries behind her, Brittany Leedham talks with teens about the costs of speeding and other driving dangers.

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