April 30, 2018

What to know to protect youth athletes

Evidence-based safety practices can greatly reduce risk of injury and death.

Safety Teens

April 24, 2018

Teach teens to be safe passengers, limit distractions for teen drivers

The risk of a deadly crash increases dramatically when a teen passenger rides along with…

Safety Teens

April 5, 2018

Should teens get the HPV vaccine?

Cancer experts urge parents to vaccinate kids (including boys) against the HPV virus, which causes cancer.

Prevention Teens

March 16, 2018

Child car seat guidelines for every age

This cheat sheet helps parents understand what kind of car seats their children should use.

Children Infants & Toddlers Safety Teens

March 1, 2018

5 reasons children need child life services

Child life specialists help meet five important needs children have while in the hospital.

Children Infants & Toddlers Teens

February 16, 2018

Youth sports safety tips: Everything that parents need to know

Youth sports can teach a child so much. Here are pre-season tips for making this a safe experience.

Children Teens

February 7, 2018

Teaching your child about peers with special needs: 8 useful tips

How children treat others with differences depends to some extent on what their parents teach them about kindness.

Children Teens

January 19, 2018

The Tide Pod challenge: What parents need to know

The latest dangerous teen challenge involves ingesting laundry pods, which can be harmful and potentially fatal.

Prevention Teens

December 12, 2017

Home for the holidays: welcoming back the college freshman

That child who went off to college is returning more mature, making her own decisions and schedule. Here's how to navigate winter break,


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