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June 9, 2021

A guide to understanding Parkinson’s disease

A primer on Parkinson’s, from common symptoms to treatment options.

Brain & Memory

May 3, 2021

Stuttering in adults: What you need to know

Understanding this neurodevelopmental disorder, plus resources and tools.

Brain & Memory

March 31, 2021

What is Huntington’s Disease — and why is it essential to talk about it?

Huntington’s Disease is rare, but its effects are devastating — for the whole family. The good news? Help exists.

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March 1, 2021

Deep brain stimulation aims to control Parkinson’s symptoms

How DBS changed one woman's Parkinson's disease

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February 19, 2021

The importance of a second opinion: a brain aneurysm patient’s story

When he was told he needed surgery to repair his aneurysm, east Tennessee resident Ron Jennings had a hunch he should seek a second opinion — and he was absolutely right.

Brain & Memory

February 10, 2021

Migraine care: An expert answers your questions

If you’ve been dealing with migraines, you might be wondering how to get relief. Read on for expert advice on migraine care and treatment options.

Brain & Memory

February 8, 2021

What to expect after brain aneurysm treatment

If you’ve been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm that requires intervention, read on to understand…

Brain & Memory

February 2, 2021

Understanding the pros and cons of brain aneurysm treatment options

Depending on the size and location of your aneurysm — as well as your overall health — you have multiple options when it comes to treatment. Here’s what you need to know to decide which is best.

Brain & Memory

January 12, 2021

6 myths about multiple sclerosis

A Vanderbilt expert sets the record straight on common misconceptions about this autoimmune disease.

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