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November 11, 2022

Procedures that help with heart failure

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of heart failure, you may be wondering what treatments exist that could improve your quality of life.

Heart & Vascular

November 4, 2022

When heart failure symptoms flare up

Retaining fluid is a big clue that this condition is worsening. There are others, too.

Heart & Vascular

October 28, 2022

What’s involved in a heart transplant?

Here’s what you need to know about this life-saving procedure.

Heart & Vascular

October 21, 2022

Congenital heart disease and pregnancy

What to expect from family planning through delivery.

Heart & Vascular Pregnancy Women's Health

October 18, 2022

Congenital heart disease and exercise

Advice and myth-busting about physical activity.

Fitness Heart & Vascular

September 29, 2022

When surgery is needed for lower-extremity PAD

Plus, what to expect after the procedure.

Heart & Vascular

September 23, 2022

Questions to ask your provider if you think you have PAD

If you suspect you might have PAD, time is of the essence. Here’s a list of questions to consider when seeing your health-care team.

Heart & Vascular

July 29, 2022

Advanced heart failure and how an LVAD could help

How an artificial pump can help a weakened heart.

Heart & Vascular

July 22, 2022

Stages of heart failure, and how it’s treated

Ask your doctor what stage of heart failure you have.

Heart & Vascular

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