Heart & Vascular

September 30, 2021

What causes pulmonary hypertension?

An expert explains four underlying causes of this lung condition.

Heart & Vascular

August 18, 2021

Lower your LDL cholesterol with plant sterols and stanols

A registered dietitian can help you create a nutrition plan to lower your cholesterol naturally. Here's how.

Heart & Vascular Nutrition

May 3, 2021

Born with a congenital heart defect, a heart transplant at 19

A congenital heart defect leads, two decades later, to a dramatic heart transplant.

Heart & Vascular

April 29, 2021

10 easy ways to get moving more each day

Short bursts of activity can be easier to fit into your busy schedule. Try these to keep moving.

Fitness Heart & Vascular Weight Management

February 24, 2021

Treatment for PAD: What are your options?

If you've been diagnosed with peripheral artery disease (PAD), you may be curious about your options. Read on for treatment details, as well as lifestyle changes you can make to improve your symptoms and your risk of heart attack or stroke.

Heart & Vascular

February 5, 2021

10 heart questions you should ask your doctor

Make the most of your next doctor's visit with this checklist of must-ask heart-health questions.

Heart & Vascular Prevention

January 4, 2021

What a congenital heart defect is — and what it isn’t

Hearing that your child has a congenital heart defect can be overwhelming — and scary.…

Heart & Vascular Infants & Toddlers

September 22, 2020

My son has sickle cell anemia — a mother’s story

September is sickle cell awareness month. Learn more about this blood disease from a mother whose son has it.

Heart & Vascular

August 15, 2020

What to expect from cardiac rehab

If you’ve suffered a heart event or required heart surgery, your physician may prescribe cardiac rehab. Here’s what that means, and how it works.

Heart & Vascular

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