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Advice for men stumped by low sex drive


March 13, 2017

Try these four natural potential solutions.


As men age, they might naturally become a little less interested in sex, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. But if you are experiencing no interest or your low sex drive is frustrating you or your partner, you’ve got options.

Douglas Milam, M.D., associate professor of urologic surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, outlined four natural steps men can take to boost libido.


1. Improve diet and increase exercise.

Healthy lifestyle choices like eating well and getting a proper amount of physical activity can increase sexual desire. “The best thing by far is getting in good shape,” Milam said. “The typical guy whom we see with decreased libido is a guy who is 50 pounds overweight. I completely get it that it’s not an easy fix,” he adds, “but it is by far the best long-term solution to the problem of decreased sex drive.”


2. Take a look at your relationship.

Long-term relationships will naturally have the occasional dry spell, but if you’ve been avoiding sex with your partner for an extended period or aren’t feeling a desire to be intimate, then you may need to examine the relationship and what’s going on with yourself in relation to it. “A lot of the guys we see have significant relationship issues,” Milam said. “They don’t have good communication with their partner or the relationship itself is not very good.”


3. Seek counseling.

If a man is experiencing low self-esteem, that can play a big role in loss of libido, Milam said. A man who is wrestling with his weight or another issue may not feel worthy of having sex. Setting up sessions with a therapist may help to iron out insecurities. Couples counseling may be in order, as well, to improve communication.


4. Talk to your doctor.

If the above natural solutions aren’t working or the situations do not apply, you can talk to your doctor about getting your hormones checked. Additionally, if you are taking certain medications or have certain medical conditions, they may be the culprit. Studies show that even stress can play a part. Don’t hesitate to ask your physician for help.

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