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office meeting food ideas May 14, 2019

Ideas for healthier office meeting food

Workplace meetings don't have to be fueled by doughnuts and candy.

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Man suffering from fatty liver disease and clutching stomach. October 9, 2019

Getting the skinny on fatty liver disease

As the obesity epidemic grows, so do weight-related disorders. Here’s what you need to know about fatty liver disease.

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Weight Management

benefits of a colonoscopy January 24, 2019

The not-so-obvious benefits of a colonoscopy

From getting into your skinny jeans to catching up on Netflix to saving your life, there all kinds of good things to come from getting a colonoscopy.

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Digestive Prevention

Man with a tattooed arm, seen from behind, rubbing his neck January 1, 2019

Quitting smoking: cutting down smoking vs cold turkey

Which is the better strategy to quit smoking?

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what does normal vaginal discharge look like December 4, 2017

What to know about vaginal discharge

A women's health expert explains common infections and how to keep your vagina healthy.

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Women's Health

Pelvic floor physical therapy January 21, 2019

Pelvic floor physical therapy: dispelling rumors, creating understanding

Vanderbilt experts explain the pelvic floor physical therapy, how it can be beneficial and what to expect.

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Women's Health

signs of sudden cardiac arrest April 2, 2019

Don’t ignore the early warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest

New findings suggest that patients who respond to early symptoms could save their lives.

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Heart & Vascular Prevention

my child ate dog poop June 30, 2017

What to do if your child eats dog poop

Beyond moving past the yuck factor, here's what to do if your child eats dog poop.

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Infants & Toddlers Safety

September 27, 2016

Try these great pre-game meals for young athletes

Student athletes want delicious food, of course. Make sure they're fueling up with the right combination of nutrients before the game.

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Fitness Nutrition