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September 19, 2017

Understanding viral vs. bacterial infections

When your child's doctor says, 'it's probably viral,' here's what that means.

Children Cold & Flu Ear, Nose & Throat

July 13, 2016

Moderating the great fever debate

Running a fever is part of your body’s natural defense against infections. Fevers are typically a symptom that won't cause you harm, but they make you feel miserable. We have tips to help you feel better.

Cold & Flu

January 18, 2016

Don’t worry – it’s safe to cuddle with pets while home with a cold or flu

Pets won't catch or spread human viruses.

Cold & Flu Prevention

November 10, 2015

Day care and sickness: what to know about your child’s immune system

Children in day care are more often sick than kids who stay at home, but you can help minimize the spread of germs.

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