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January 11, 2017

Learn the ABCs of adenoids

The adenoids typically don't cause problems for adults but can prompt breathing issues and infections for kids.

Children Ear, Nose & Throat

October 24, 2016

The things kids stick in their noses and ears

A marble lodged in the nose needs prompt attention. Here's what to do when kids stick objects in ears, noses and other places they don't belong.

Children Ear, Nose & Throat

July 5, 2016

Should I be using Q-tips?

Do you love the feeling of freshly Q-tipped ears? Here's why you should read the warning on the box and see what our expert has to say.

Ear, Nose & Throat Safety

June 2, 2016

A Southerner’s guide to swimmer’s ear

Here’s what you need to know to prevent and to treat this malady.

Ear, Nose & Throat

April 8, 2016

There’s help for that ringing in your ears

Tinnitus doesn’t have to rule your life. We’ve got answers.

Ear, Nose & Throat

February 19, 2016

Ear Tubes: A mother’s tips and insights

Pre-op instructions are helpful, but here's the rest of the story.

Children Ear, Nose & Throat

February 15, 2016

What parents need to know about ear tubes

Should my child get ear tubes for constant ear infections?

Children Ear, Nose & Throat

January 12, 2016

How to tell if it’s time for a hearing aid

There's more to the decision than merely buying a device.

Aging Well Ear, Nose & Throat

December 21, 2015

The audiologist with deafness who helps people hear

Cochlear implants saved her career. So did her faith that she'd find a way.

Breakthroughs Ear, Nose & Throat

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