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July 29, 2022

Advanced heart failure and how an LVAD could help

How an artificial pump can help a weakened heart.

Heart & Vascular

July 20, 2022

Understanding carotid artery disease

Carotid artery disease is a leading cause of stroke, but screening and treatments are available…

Heart & Vascular

July 11, 2022

Questions to ask your health-care provider about heart failure

A detailed talk with your doctor will lead to better care.

Heart & Vascular

June 3, 2022

How heart failure is assessed

There are many tests and questions that can inform this diagnosis.

Heart & Vascular

April 1, 2022

How heart valve problems are diagnosed

These are the typical tests used to find heart valve issues.

Heart & Vascular

March 14, 2022

About surgery to repair or replace a heart valve

Why surgery for heart valve problems may be needed.

Heart & Vascular

March 11, 2022

Common medications for heart valve problems

Medications can ease symptoms of heart valve troubles.

Heart & Vascular

March 1, 2022

Three ways to treat heart valves with surgery

When possible, surgeons prefer to fix a valve rather than replace it.

Heart & Vascular

February 14, 2022

Understanding aortic valve regurgitation

If this problem comes on suddenly, it's an emergency.

Heart & Vascular

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