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June 14, 2016

HIIT: How to get an intense workout in less than 30 minutes

Amp up your routine with this interval-style session.


May 25, 2016

Infographic: Healthy picnic pointers for the Southern family

Check out our eat-this-not-that guide to dining on a blanket.


May 17, 2016

Infographic: Yoga for chronic pain

These 8 poses can help ease your pain and stress.


April 21, 2016

Infographic: Choosing the healthiest meats

Find yourself lost on which cut of meat to pick? Let our dietitian help you decide.


April 19, 2016

Infographic: Smoking in Tennessee, by the numbers

Tennessee is home to far too many smokers, but many of them have tried quitting cigarettes. Most smokers make several attempts before finally quitting for good.


April 15, 2016

Beware added sugar

Most of us take in too much added sugar, mostly from our drinks -- and not just the alcoholic ones. Do you know how much sugar you're sipping?

Diabetes Nutrition

March 24, 2016

Infographic: How tobacco takes its toll

Cigarettes and smoking add up to a big hazard to your health.


March 2, 2016

Infographic: How to eat your daily vitamins and minerals

Every wondered what you’d have to eat to get your daily amount of vitamin A in a meal? We illustrate the food equivalents of recommended vitamins and minerals.


February 25, 2016

Reducing Headache Pain with Yoga Poses

Practicing these poses can help soothe headaches and migraines.