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Thanksgiving tips November 20, 2018

10 tips to safely prepare this year’s Thanksgiving meal

Don’t let your favorite food holiday end with illness. Find out how to prepare and store your meal properly.

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Digestive Prevention

carbon monoxide poisoning prevention February 26, 2018

Protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning

Install carbon monoxide detectors for your best defense.

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tide pod challenge January 19, 2018

The Tide Pod challenge: What parents need to know

The latest dangerous teen challenge involves ingesting laundry pods, which can be harmful and potentially fatal.

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Prevention Teens

prevent medication errors January 8, 2018

How to prevent medication errors at home for seniors

Many poisoning cases in the elderly involve medications. Here's how to prevent problems.

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Aging Well Caregivers Prevention

preventing food poisoning December 5, 2017

How to avoid food poisoning this holiday season

The most common calls to the Tennessee Poison Center this time of year involve food poisoning concerns.

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Digestive Prevention

preventing household poisonings March 21, 2017

Poison prevention tips: how to keep your child safe

All of us can help prevent accidental poisonings. Here's how.

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Children Infants & Toddlers Safety

when to take a child to the er February 27, 2017

When should a child go to the ER?

Sometimes it's hard to know what to do if your child is ill or hurt during "off hours." A guide to when to go to the emergency room.

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Essential oils pose growing poisoning danger May 11, 2016

Essential oils pose growing poisoning danger

With renewed popularity of essential oils, danger of poisonings -- especially among children -- also increases.

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Know what to do if your child or pet eats a poisonous plant. May 9, 2016

Those pretty petals might be poisonous

Know what to do if your child or pet eats a plant.

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