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January 11, 2023

Expert Q&A: Sinus issues

Oh, the pressure. Here's what causes it and what can be done about sinus issues.

Allergies Ear, Nose & Throat

June 21, 2022

What to expect with allergy testing

Learn the steps of skin and blood testing for allergies and the benefits.


June 13, 2022

A guide to understanding allergies

Get to know the cause of allergies, the symptoms to look out for and the treatment options that exist.


June 8, 2022

Should I get allergy shots? Answers to common questions

When antihistamines don't help much, consider immunotherapy shots.


June 1, 2022

Is it an allergy or something else?

Allergy symptoms and those of some illnesses overlap. Here’s how to use clues to tell what’s likely going on.


May 10, 2022

How to cope with hay fever

Ways to minimize symptoms of seasonal allergies.


March 9, 2022

Getting relief from sinus infection pain

Sinus infections can be painful and make you feel miserable. Here's how to find relief, and when to consider seeing your doctor.

Allergies Ear, Nose & Throat

February 26, 2022

Get prepared for tree and grass pollen allergy season

These tips will help allergy sufferers spring into tree season with ease.


September 1, 2021

Surviving ragweed allergy season

When and why you might need to seek help from an allergist for immunotherapy.


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