The ultimate Southern guide to gift ideas for your active loved ones


December 16, 2015

Gift ideas that can help motivate great health this holiday season.

Did you leave your shopping to the last minute again? No worries — we have the perfect presents for everyone on your nice list!


Gift ideas for:

The class fanatic …

Gyms are so last year! Or, at least, gym memberships are. Instead, consider a monthly membership that provides access to classes at different studios throughout the city. No longer do they need to buy a yoga package, a Pilates package and an indoor cycling package. With just one pass, they can attend classes at participating venues in Music City.


For the hiker …

Never underestimate the power of a great water bottle. Gone are the days of a throwaway plastic bottle. Check out refillable water bottles that feature a filter to help the outdoor enthusiast in your life stay hydrated safely while trekking the Appalachian Trail or visiting faraway lands.


For the runner…

Southern winter weather can be tricky. Runners tend to heat up fast once they get moving, so heavy layers aren’t the ticket. Sometimes a vest is best, and the deals are currently aplenty at outlet malls. (And then direct them to one of these great running groups!)


For the cyclist …

U-locks have long been the cycling industry standard, but they can also be clunky to carry. New four-piece shackle system locks offer high security in a compact package. Your favorite cyclist can cruise one of Tennessee’s many urban greenways and grab grub afterwards without worrying about bike theft.


For the yogi …

The bendy guy or gal in your life will appreciate an annual subscription to an online yoga channel (think: Netflix for yogis) so he or she can stream classes and documentaries and participate in yoga challenges when away from the studio.


For the tech obsessed …

The second generation of fitness wearables has arrived. Who needs a personal trainer when a wristband pairs with your smartphone to get you through your workouts? Bonus: A waterproof band is a great gift for someone training for the Music City Triathlon.


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