July 20, 2018

Top 10 reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables


Fruits and veggies are nature’s treats and make a great quick snack. That’s just one of many reasons to enjoy them.

You’ve heard it before: Fruits and vegetables are good for you. The health initiative Fruits and Veggies – More Matters gives 10 reasons to eat more.

1. Color and texture.

Fruits and veggies add color, texture and plenty of essential vitamins and minerals to your plate.

2. Convenience.

All forms of fruits and veggies matter – fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100 percent juice. Frozen and canned foods are processed within hours of harvest, so their flavor and nutritional value are preserved.

3. Fiber.

Fruits and veggies provide fiber that helps fill you up and keeps your digestive system moving.

4. Low in calories.

Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calories and fat.

5. May reduce disease risk.

Eating a diet high in fruits and veggies may help reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers.

6. Vitamins and minerals.

Fruits and veggies contain an abundance of important nutrients including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and K.

7. Variety.

There’s always something new to try!

8. Quick, natural snack.

Fruits and veggies are nature’s treat and are easy to grab for a quick snack. Pair fresh fruit with a tablespoon of nut butter, or dip veggies into hummus for a mid-day boost.

9. Fun to eat.

Some crunch, some squirt, some you peel and some you can grow right in your backyard!

10. Nutritious and delicious.

Fruits and veggies taste good and are good for you.

Are frozen and canned vegetables just as good as fresh?

It's the right time of year to enjoy fresh vegetables. But if that's not convenient for you, or not currently in the budget, here's advice on how to get the same nutritional value from frozen & canned veggies. Plus, 10 reasons to eat more fruit and vegetables: http://spr.ly/6187Dq0Wv

Posted by My Southern Health on Friday, July 20, 2018

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