June 16, 2016

Infographic: Yoga for inner strength


06_16 Yoga dbt

This sequence can guide you through moving meditations at home.

If you’ve been following our yoga series, last month Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt yoga instructor Becca Broughton discussed yoga poses that can help with chronic pain.

We’re continuing that journey and this month offer seven yoga poses to help with inner strength. Whether you are affected by chronic pain or not, these yoga poses can help you find stability in a sometimes otherwise chaotic world.

“Most of the time — or a lot of the time — we get dragged around by the experiences we’re having in our life, which can be overwhelming if you’re experiencing chronic illness,” Broughton says.

“The importance of meditation is to be able to go a little bit more internal. In yoga philosophy, there’s a part of ourselves that’s not changed by the day-to-day influences of our life, so to touch that place in ourselves that feels stable and feels calm helps.”

At Osher, the Moving Meditation for Inner Strength class focuses on supporting participants while also helping them to improve flexibility, strength and posture.

“This has really become a class that can offer community to people experiencing chronic pain or chronic illness,” Broughton says, adding that Osher chooses a different meditative theme every six weeks, including gratitude, quality of life and feeling grounded.

Learn more about this class and other yoga series offered at Vanderbilt here.