5 Easy to Use Fitness Apps You Should Download Now


January 7, 2016

From workout advice to meditation sessions, these fitness apps are among those offering an array of health benefits.

For the Gym Rat

app for exercising

Are you challenge-driven? Do you need exercise routines for the gym and at home? Fitocracy may be your answer. This workout app offers an exercise log to easily arrange and track your workouts, as well as an option for a personal fitness coach to help you with weight loss.


  • Fitness teams led by trainers can provide personalized workout and nutrition programs.
  • Achievement badges allow you to see progress. Push yourself to take on new challenges and beat quests.
  • Get daily inspiration or join in conversations with fellow Fitocrats.


For the foodie

Shopping app


Even with the best planned shopping list, sometimes we find ourselves having to make decisions in the supermarket aisles. This health app allows you to scan an item’s bar code and then receive an assessment based on your age, gender, health goals, diet needs and ingredient/nutrition preferences.


  • ShopWell can help you manage your weight and conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and celiac disease.
  • App will suggest alternative food options that can help you make better choices.
  • Earn rewards by giving feedback and completing “missions” to earn gift cards.


For the calorie counter

calorie counting app

As you are probably aware, one of the primary tactics for losing weight is controlling calories. Obviously, this is not the only strategy that you should use, but it is one of several important ways that you can try and control your weight

With more than 5 million foods listed in its database, MyFitnessPal offers users a quick and easy way to track calories and exercise while losing weight. Web and mobile apps sync automatically to keep your journal up-to-date.


  • App remembers your favorite foods, allows you to add multiple foods at once and can save and add entire meals.
  • Recipe importer lets you easily import and track any recipe online.
  • Built-in step tracker allows you to track steps without a separate tracker.


For the home (or office!) yogi

yoga app

Daily Yoga

This fitness app offers a database of more than 500 yoga poses, HD videos, voice guides, soothing music and more. With all of these resources you will be well on your way to being a yoga master.

Even if that is not your goal, yoga can be a very useful recovery technique for recovery. So if you typically lift weights, bike, swim, or use other means of exercise, this app can help you recover for your next workout.


  • You can now track and share calories burned and the duration of your workout to Apple’s Health app.
  • 3 different intensities for beginners and advanced yogis.
  • Upgrade to pro for new content every month and more.


For the (beginning) meditator

meditation app

Want to get into meditation and mindfulness but can’t seem to shut off your brain? Enter Headspace. This app helps you learn to meditate in just 10 minutes, leading to less worry and stress.


  • Free access to Take10, Level 1 of the Foundation Course.
  • Track your stats with a personalized progress page.
  • Partner up and motivate your friends with a built-in buddy system.


Now that you know the best health apps, read some more fitness ideas to help you stay active all year.